Chien-Ming Lee

I am an iOS engineer and currently work for Positive Grid. I especially like Core Animation stuff on iOS. Most of my current jobs is dealing with Objective-C/Swift/C++ combined projects. It is really happy to learn audio programming knowledage in Positive Grid.

My recent interest is studying Vapor , a Server-Site Swift framework. It creates a window for me to open up the world of web development. Studying programming knowledage has become a habit to me. Coding is a funny work just like we play Play Stations (It may be just my personal opinoin ).

My name is Chien-Ming Lee and I use Derek all the time during my work. Derek would be my short aka to easily remember.

The reason why I put Guten Morgen on the title is probably I have had many trips in Germany and Austria than other countries. I also miss the beer and the Autobahn in Germany.

Well, whatever your time is at morning , noon or evening, there is always a morning out there. So, good morning and have a nice day.